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How to Watch Super Bowl Live Stream 2018 Online The countdown to the Super Bowl 2018 has begun as we are less than 100 days away from the showpiece event. Super Bowl, the peak of American Football has always been a treat for the fans worldwide. The craze of Super Bowl, just like every year, will increase further this year. Money, prizes, and above all, the pride of winning the Super Bowl add to the excitement. The excitement has reached its 52nd level as we welcome the 52nd Super Bowl and the 48th season of NFL. Al Michaels, Cris Collinsworth, Michele Tafoya, and Heather Cox are the announcers of Super Bowl 2018. The 52nd Super Bowl is all set to start on its scheduled date of 4th February 2018 as Minneapolis gear up to host the mega event after 26 long years. Preparations are on a high, and so we have come up with this all you need to know stuff to keep you prepared as well for the upcoming mega event. After all, it is never too early to plan for the Super Bowl. Check out more details about Super Bowl 2018 below. How to watch Super Bowl Online? Plan about the snacks and popcorn or with whom you want to enjoy the game but not about how to watch the game are there are numerous ways to stream the match live on your home television, computer or even in your mobile. NBC will have every preview shows, Highlights, and Live Streams covered on its websites for fans all around the globe. All you have to do is just follow the link given below. To simplify it further, you can even get the NBC App installed on your smartphones and enjoy 2018 Super Bowl online live stream. Super Bowl 2018 Live Streaming channels Let’s get into best options to watch Super Bowl 52 live streaming online from your home in HD quality. Free Streaming If you have a cable connection at your home, then you can enjoy the match completely free of cost. These are the channels which will be streaming the game: – Fox Sports Go (U.S) BBC iPlayer (UK) Channel 7 (Australia) CTV (Canada) Paid Streaming Services If you are among the 25% of the US population which has gone cable-less, then you don’t have to plan to visit the bar or your neighbour’s house to watch the game. There are other options too through which you can stream the game live like: – Sling TV (US) PlayStation Vue (US) Sky (UK) OSN Play (Middle East) SuperSport (South Africa) DAZN (Germany) Read more about Super Bowl 2018 Streams here What If outside the United States If you are in any country or place where there is no option or channels to stream the Super Bowl, then don’t get disheartened as there is still a solution for the same. Just get a VPN, change your location to the areas which have the supported channel to view the match and enjoy the excitement of the grand event. Even if one is devoid of cable in the US, has limited IP accessibility and whoever is outside the US if there is Virtual Private Network then it is easier to re-route the internet link and watch the Super Bowl and get the fun of it thoroughly. With the help of VPN one can avoid this blocking of the contents and in doing so none will be able to know the where about of the user. VPN works by creating a special network through the server and one should know that this private network will convert all the personal information and even one’s IP address will not be known to anyone. It will be impossible to know the streaming channels. With the Fox Sports Go App or NBC Sports App, you can also stream the match on your Smartphone, Tablets or other supported devices. Here are some best VPN’s you can try to watch Super Bowl Online from any countries. Express VPN – This is the top VPN considered as of now in order to stream the 52nd Super Bowl 2018 live from the US. If one is eager for uninterrupted viewing experience then Express VPN is the best option. The privacy of the user is highly protected and encryption is the best. One can very conveniently download and use this private network. Their customer support team is wonderful and they are available 24 X 7. If one gets stuck anywhere, the team will be there to support and guide fully. At present, they serve more than 96 countries and they have a 30-day cash back option. IP Vanish – This is another VPN with the help of which one can get connected to the match even if the user is in remote places. One should know that Express VPN is not accessible in remote places. Here it is IP Vanish that will give support even if it is interrupted. This is also a very fast network and it will get one connected to any part of the world because they have substantial servers. The server has a huge amount of unlimited bandwidth which helps one to watch the replay even if one misses the live show of the match and the halftime show. The software is highly compatible with Windows, Linus, Mac, and Android but not with iOS. HideMyAss– This VPN service is not at par with the other two. Though it has enough bandwidth it is very slow in streaming and it is always found buffering whenever one streams any show. One can opt for this VPN for Super Bowl but streaming will not be seamless. Regular buffering might occur. This VPN serves in more than 150 locations in the world with a large number of servers but still, they are behind due to the quality. The connectivity quality is very poor. Super Bowl 2018 Kodi Streams Kodi is another best option to stream Super Bowl 2018. Kodi works based on add-ons. We will be updating the best Kodi add-ons to watch Super Bowl 52 live online below. Here are some add-ons which work best for Kodi. Made in Canada Pro Sport SportsDevil Phoenix Bob Evolve UK Turk cCloud We have got a complete guide on How to use Kodi to watch Super Bowl 2018 here. How to watch Super Bowl through Social Media Channels Get ready for your Social media accounts. You can watch and find live updates of 2018 Super Bowl. Let’s check out in detail below. Facebook There is no official confirmation regarding the Super Bowl stream on Facebook but still, you find latest updates and news through the official NFL page. Just create an account on Facebook and watch out for the links updated here. Reddit Reddit is another popular channel for NFL streaming. you can find a lot of free streams to watch the event from your home. It’s always recommended to use official streams for HD quality. Twitter Twitter is not made any announcement regarding the Super Bowl coverage. Twitter is one of the best places to get the live feed on NFL. Follow the twitter channel of NFL. More Streaming Options Yahoo Sports If you are from the United States, Yahoo Sports will stream Super Bowl and they have apps for Android and iOS users. YoutubeTV Another option to watch 2018 Super Bowl is YoutubeTV which is based on Membership. We will be updating more details about YoutubeTV streams in the coming days with links. When and Where is the Super Bowl LII? Minneapolis was finalized as the host city for the Super Bowl LII back in 2014 at the league owners’ meeting in Atlanta. The other two cities that competed with Minneapolis were Indiana and Louisiana. Minneapolis’s state-of-the-art U.S. Bank Stadium was built during this event. The kick-off time is 8 PM ET on Sunday, 4th of February 2018. Date 4th February 2017 Time 8 PM ET Venue U.S. Bank Stadium, Minneapolis Halftime Show Justin Timberlake Live Stream Watch here Teams Updated Soon About U.S. Bank Stadium, Minneapolis The stadium’s construction just finished in time for the NFL 2016 Season. It hosted Minnesota Vikings 2016 NFL Season and will have just finished organizing Vikings’ second NFL Season before it plays host to the Super Bowl 2018. The stadium can seat up to 66,200 people but can be expanded to accommodate about 70,000 people. Minnesota hosted the Super Bowl XXVI back in 1992 when Washington Redskins tasted glory by defeating the Buffalo Bills 37-24 at the old Metrodome stadium of Minnesota. The media day events and press conferences will be held at The Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota. Over 5000 media members are expected to throng the twin cities during Super Bowl 52. The NFL will temporarily operate from inside the Minnesota Vikings office building next to the U.S. Bank Stadium during the ten days of this event. Tickets to the events and games have received state tax exemptions. Announcers Here is the list of full announcers for 2018 Super Bowl. Super Bowl 52 Announcers Play by Play Al Michaels Analyst Cris Collinsworth Sideline Reporters Michele Tafoya and Heather Cox Super Bowl LII Referee, Umpires, and Judges So NFL officially announced the head referee for the biggest sporting event in the United States. Gene Steratore will be the referee for 2018 Super Bowl. Along with Steratore, there will be judges and umpires who will control the game. Let’s check out below. Head Referee: Gene Steratore Umpire: Roy Ellison Down Judge: Jerry Bergman Line Judge: Byron Boston Field Judge: Tom Hill Side Judge: Scott Edwards Back Judge: Perry Paganelli Super Bowl 2018 Half Time Show One of the major attractions of Super Bowl remains to be its halftime show. Pepsi’s Super Bowl Half-Time Show is the most-watched musical event so far. Last year’s show was the most-watched musical event across all platforms. It garnered a reach of over 150 million unique people, with 80 million views and in all 260 minutes watched. This time the onus is on Justin Timberlake to hog the limelight at the Pepsi Super Bowl LII Halftime Show at U.S. Bank Stadium in Minnesota on Sunday, Feb. 4, 2018. The ten-time Grammy award winner will be performing at the Halftime Show for the third time and will eventually become the only star to do so. He previously played at Super Bowl XXXV and Super Bowl XXXVIII. His name was always in the rumors and hardly surprised anyone when it got finalized. Though there were a few controversial pop-ups here and there, it all settled down in time. The biggest of them was still Janet Jackson. Anybody old enough to remember watching the Halftime Show of Super Bowl XXXVIII in 2004 need not be reminded of the ‘Nipplegate’. Though Justin Timberlake was at the helm of it, Janet Jackson was the one who had to face the brunt of it. It will be perfect redemption for him if he manages to get this Half Time show lit up without a single flashback of the Nipplegate. Super Bowl Predictions 2018 You can predict your teams who will win NFL Super Bowl 52. Who Will Win Super Bowl 2018? Philadelphia Eagles New England Patriots Minnesota Vikings Jacksonville Jaguars VOTE View Results Tickets Just like every year, the high get-in prices coupled with the premium rates charged by hotels and airlines make the availability of tickets for the Super Bowl a catchy process. The U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis is expected to seat about 70,000 people, the highest capacity so far in the history of Super Bowl. Of these 70,000, 17.5% of the tickets will be allotted to each participating team. Vikings will get 5% of the share as they are the hosts. NFL will have 25.2% of the shares from the tickets. The face value of the tickets increases in every season. The Super Bowl 50 tickets had the face value between $800 and $2500. The value depends on the location where you want to sit and watch the game. It is expected that the tickets of 2018 Super Bowl will be similar to the Super Bowl 51 which was between $800 and $2750. The 2018 Super Bowl Price is as below: – Upper Level Corner/End Zone: – $6,299. Lower Bowl Corner: – $6759. Between the 40 yard lines 100 level: – $13,999 Club level: – $12,499 200 level: – $11,999. How to Buy Tickets You can buy Super Bowl tickets online. The ticket sale is live now. Check the official website of NFL, StubHub, and Vividseats for more details. is one of the best sources to get the genuine tickets of the Super Bowl LII. You can get the pass for the entire week with the package or just for the weekend and enjoy a lot of funs and activities like: Pre-game parties Meet with NFL players Option to select your seat Access to the field, However, there are many other options to purchase the tickets too. To get tickets at the cheapest rate, the secondary ticket industry is the best option. You can get the tickets at the most reasonable rate from the resale market. At the beginning of the announcement of the game, the price of the ticket is usually high as there is always a high level of excitement by the fans to get the ticket. The costs gradually reduce as the date of the match proceeds. But it again increases when the game is nearby. So, you have to plan it accordingly. NFL Playoffs 2018 NFL Playoff starts from 1st January 2018 with the wild card rounds followed by Divisional and Conference Championship. Playoffs will decide the AFC and NFC champions who will compete in Super Bowl 2018. Find more details about NFL Playoffs 2018 here. NFL Conference Championship 2018 So we have four teams remaining to reach Super Bowl LII. NFL Conference Championship 2018 is set now. New England Patriots will face Jacksonville Jaguars in AFC Championship game and Minnesota Vikings vs Philadelphia Eagles in NFC Championship Game. Let’s check out timings and updates below. Schedule: Matches Time Date Patriots vs Jaguars 3:05 p.m. ET 21st January 2018 Eagles vs Vikings 6:40 p.m. ET 21st January 2018 We will be updating the results right after the games. Stay tuned here. Divisional Rounds 2018 Updates We are inching closer to Super Bowl Lii. Divisional round is up. There are four games remaining to decide Conference Championships teams. NFL Divisional Rounds 2018 start with Atlanta Falcons vs Philadelphia Eagles and Tennessee Titans vs New England Patriots games on 13th January 2018 followed by Jacksonville Jaguars vs Pittsburgh Steelers and New Orleans Saints vs Minnesota Vikings on 14th January 2018. Find all updates about Divisional Round Playoffs 2018 here. Super Bowl 2018 Odds The odds suggest New England Patriots to be the favorites to win it all. As per Vegas Insider, New England Patriots have and odds of 4/1 entering week 7. Defending NFL Champions, Atlanta Falcons fall sixth on the list with an odd of 14/1. Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia are the ones closest to the New England Patriots with an odd of 8/1. Seattle Seahawks and Pittsburgh Steelers too are in the running with odds of 10/1. The lowest rated sides to win the Super Bowl LII are Cleveland Browns and San Fransisco 49ers with odds of 1000/1 stacked against their names. Final Words So, to sum it up, the Super Bowl LII is going to be one hell of a ride with no single favorite anymore. The ten-day event will be all lit up with glamour, tests, and above all, football! So, fasten your seatbelts and mark the date on your calendar! 4th of February, 2018, Yes! That’s the Sunday you are bound to wait for the big game.